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Toby at 4 Years

Breed: Labrador Retriever MixWeight: 60 pounds
Gender: Male
Full Name: Tobias GoodDog Jones LaMay
Favorite Food: He loves the Flint River Ranch Fish and Chips! He also gets home-cooked food and he's particularly partial to fish, potato, tomato, and broccoli stew... that's why I tried the Fish and Chips.
Favorite Activities: He likes taking long morning walk-runs and playing with his dog-friends off leash in the dog park; playing with his cats (we have five cats as well, and he loves to play with them); playing with any toy that squeaks; and having his belly rubbed.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He sleeps on my bed alongside the five cats and me.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He's wonderful with the neighborhood children who "ride" him just like a horse.
Story: I never had a dog before, just cats, because of my rather bizarre work schedule. But Toby was running around on York Road, a busy city road in Baltimore. He was an un-neutered male about 8 months at the time, and very friendly, with a collar tag that had the name Triggerdog, but no address or contact information. Unfortunately that area of Baltimore is one of our drug zones, and I figured he had probably been gotten to be one of the "tough" dogs that some drug folks cart around with them. He clearly failed the "tough dog" test because he is such a passive, friendly fellow, so he got dumped.

I was leaving for vacation the next day so I decided to board him at my vet's and get him neutered and examined, and then find a home for him when I returned. When I got back I learned that he had whipworm and Lyme disease and had needed a lot of medical treatment. But that was fine and I brought him home. I had two possible homes for him. The first one he went and spent a night, but the other dog in the home didn't like him. So back he came to my house. The next day I tried to get him into the car to visit the next home, but he lay down outside the car door and refused to budge. He had decided he was my dog, and so he is. We changed the name to reflect his new life, and he follows me everywhere. What a wonderful blessing! I will have enjoyed his love for 4 years this August. And I'm so glad to find a dog food he likes. His early start left him somewhat internally compromised, but he loves the Fish and Chips. So thanks!

Staff: Thomasin LaMay
Home: Baltimore, MD
Date Entered into Gallery: July 7, 2004

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