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Maggie at 8 Months

Maggie at 1 Year

Breed: Miniature SchnauzerWeight: 19 pounds
Gender: Female
Full Name: Maggie Lou
Favorite Food: She likes Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult Kibble and her special TREATS!
Favorite Activities: Maggie loves playing outside and chasing the field mice and wild birds that wander near the house. She LOVES her mouse and the kids' hamster because she of course thinks that it's a mouse! She loves going outside and running the fence with her friend from next door, Mitzi, who is also a Miniature Schnauzer and looks like her twin! Maggie loves to ride in the car when we are going on a short trip and likes to stick her head out the window so she can Sniff—another one of her favorite things to do!
Favorite Place to Sleep: She makes her rounds in the household and usually ends up with our oldest daughter or in bed next to her Momma!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She is very protective of kids and will get right in the middle of anyone and the kids that she thinks are not being treated right. She is a very good listener and knows what to do when you tell her things like, "Go get your mouse," or, "Go get in your bed," or "Wanna go in the Car?"
Story: We purchased Maggie from a couple in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, who breed Schnauzers, after many failed attempts at finding a Schnauzer to adopt. Maggie was about 12 weeks old when we got her, and she is just like one of the family. She is a very alert, spoiled, and loving companion and we tell everyone she is our sixth child because I think that she thinks she is anyways! We recently took Maggie back to the breeders to let them see how she was developing and we got to see her mother and father dogs, and how wonderful it was to see all the little Schnauzers around and how much Maggie was like her mother and father dog. We have contemplated getting her a sister so we could have a Maggie Lou and a Daisy Mae but we haven't decided if Mom wants to go through all that puppy stuff all over again! We sure are glad to have our little Maggie Lou and love her very much!
If anyone is looking for a great pet, you cannot go wrong with a Schnauzer. They are very smart and are wonderful with kids if they are raised around them. You can't ask for a better companion in a smaller dog like this.

Staff: Brian and Beth Storts
Home: Broken Arrow, OK
Date Entered into Gallery: July 7, 2004

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