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"Corporal Hunter on and off duty, sir!"
Hunter Shogun at 1 Year

Looks like a live teddy bear!
Hunter Shogun at 6 Weeks

Hunter Shogun
Breed: ShibaGender: Male
Favorite Activities: Hunter goes to work and just about everywhere else with me. He loves to watch football, animal channel, and can tell if outside there is something there that was not there a few hours or a day earlier. Even if it’s just a branch, or a rock, ball anything he will know instantly and give a thorough examination before christening it properly.

Hunter is a true alpha. A lady commented to me as Hunter sits straight up, always at attention,“He looks like he has a college degree!” You can tell he is thinking something through!

He is truly a regal dog. He just loves to run and play. Hunter is very friendly to 99% of all people. He can tell if there is something wrong with this picture…so to speak. He is not a dog that will back down in a squabble. He is the absolute best dog or animal I have ever been blessed with!

Story: This breed is very different from all the others, and I say this with absolute respect for all animal lovers that are blessed with their own. Special thanks to the Japanese people that gave life and love to hunter’s ancestors.

Ref. a movie with Richard Geere called “Hacki” about a Shiba Inu cousin an Akita. It’s for the whole family...Enjoy!

Staff: John Stahmann
Home: Upper Saddle River, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: February 16, 2012

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