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Left-to-right: Toby at 14 Years, Freddy Jones at 7 Years, Homer at 11 Years

Breed: PugGender: Male
Story: I have 3 dogs: 1 black lab and 2 black pugs. One of my pugs was adopted from a pug rescue at 8 years old. I had a hard time finding a food for him. He would eat, but then I would find small piles of vomit around the house. I was told to try a food with lamb. This eventually led me to Flint River Ranch food. At first, only Toby got the lamb/rice/millet food, then I decided to just feed them all the same food. They all love it. Toby is now 14 years old and doing great. My other pug, Freddy Jones, is almost 7 and in great health. I always get comments on how shiny and healthy my dogs’ coats are. I credit the FRR food. Their stool level is lower on FRR food. I love the convenience of on-line ordering and having it delivered to the house. I don’t believe in feeding cheap food, because it ends up being a waste of money anyway. Our dogs are part of our family.

Freddy Jones
Breed: PugGender: Male

Breed: Labrador RetrieverGender: Male

Staff: Christine Millershaski
Home: Ingalls, KS
Date Entered into Gallery: March 31, 2012

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