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Shenzi at 10 Months

Penelope Cat at 3 Years

Breed: AbyssinianWeight: 4 pounds
Gender: FemaleBirthday: July 16, 2011
Favorite Activities: Shenzi has a personality much like a dog and she is the sweetest kitten I have ever had. Follows me everywhere (but very quiet, not vocal at all), fetches, sleeps on my chest with her head nuzzled in my neck (she is a drooler...(yuck!)

Both Shenzi and Penelope Cat love the very, very tall cat trees/kitty condos and lounging in the sun that shines through the windows. Shenzi also likes paper bags, small balls for batting around, catnip toys, you name it, she will try to play with it. Had to kitten proof my house, for the first time EVER!

Penelope Cat
Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatWeight: 12 pounds
Gender: Female
Story: My vet thinks she is part Bengal, she has the pumpkin colored nose rimmed in black, her lips are black, her eyes are rimmed in black, her stripes and not complete and are more spots than stripes. She was a tiny 3 pound stray found in the rain and was soaking wet. I had just put down my Aja (gallery #813) two weeks before and was not really ready, emotionally, to get a cat . . . but how could I refuse? She has the most beautiful green eyes and thanks me everyday for saving her. She is a tough girl and I was worried how she would accept Shenzi (who was soooo small) but they are the best of buds and sometimes sleep/nap together and always clean each other and love playing together.

Staff: Candace Panage
Home: Beaverton, OR
Date Entered into Gallery: April 26, 2012

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