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Our sweet baby boy!
Hogan at 3 Years

Breed: MastiffVariety: English
Weight: 215 poundsGender: Male
Favorite Food: Of course his favorite food is Fish and Chips!
Favorite Activities: He enjoys sleeping, eating, playing with his daddy, laying with his mamma and chasing squirrels.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He sleeps whereever his mamma and daddy are.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Hogan is undoubtedly the smartest, sweetest most loyal animal you can own!
Story: When we got Hogan, he was 9 weeks old and 42 pounds. Shortly after bringing him home, he developed pneumonia. We worked with the pet store to allow us to bring home their nebulizer that we had to put him on treatments two or three times a day for 6 weeks. Finally beat the pneumonia and we were off to growing up. Hogan has an amazing sense of right and wrong. To this day, he has NEVER not once, messed with anything that wasn't deemed his by either his mamma or daddy. He was a listener from day one and continues to pour affection and unconditional love out to his family. About a year and a half ago, he developed cystene crystals in his urethra which lead to a blockage that we were able to identify by his difficulty urinating and off and on blood passing. Ultimately this lead to a very delicate and traumatic surgery where his urethra was re-routed to the base of his underside and consequently had to be neutered at the same time. He lost about 1-3 pints of blood a day for about 6 weeks in recovery since his surgical cut could not be coderized due to the vascular nature of the surgery. As a result, we had to carefully tend to him day in and out during his recovery and he lost a lot of weight. We were told by the vet that certain proteins and fats cause the crystals and there is no guarantee they would not form again, consequently he was prescribed a prescription dog food I won't bother mentioning as it would not be fit to feed a field mouse much less our boy. He powered through it during the recovery and as I stated, lost a lot of weight as well as hair and energy. Once the wounds healed, it just seemed like he wasn't getting any better and I was convinced it was the lack of proper nutrition. I did countless hours of research on his condition, dog foods and reached out for second, third and fourth opinions. My trail lead me to FRR where I have been a devoted customer for the last year. Hogan has been on the fish and chips and has since reached a fit 215 pounds, regained his strength, energy, coat. He is the happiest he has been in the 3+ years he has been alive and you can almost sense a display of gratitude from him toward his family and it is very moving. Hogan's story has been one of trials and triumphs and has taught all of us who were a part of his story about life, love and what it takes to hold it all together in family and friendship. I can't imagine our lives without Big Man holding down the floors and holding up our hearts and I feel like we owe a healthy part of that to the quality nutrition he has received from FRR.

Staff: Scott and Whitney
Home: Louisville, KY
Date Entered into Gallery: August 23, 2012

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