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Bubba Sue at 7 Years

Bubba Sue
Weight: 50 poundsGender: Female
Favorite Food: We started her on Flint River shortly after we brought her home, and its the only dog food she has ever known, and she seems to genuinely enjoy her dog food, despite the opporunistic pieces of people food handed to her by our kids.
Favorite Activities: Bubba Sue loves to play with her squeaky ball and she loves chasing it in the yard.
Story: We adopted her while living in Lubbock, Texas (and yes, she came with the name - we thought it was a very proper name for a dog from West Texas, indeed). At the time, she was estimated to be around 7 months old, and was found deserted with her litter in an alley. When we adopted her, she was malnourished, had mange, and was deathly afraid of people, except for my wife. She got over her anxiety as to me, but still is not fond of strangers. As to her breed, we have no clue, although people always have their theories - Dalmatian (because of one spotted ear), Greyhound (because of her slender athletic build), Lab and Whippet.

Staff: Jason Pierce
Home: Fort Worth, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: August 23, 2012

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