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"Life Is Good!"
Woody at 10 Years

Breed: Golden RetrieverWeight: 90 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: My favorite foods are broccoli, tangerines and Flint River Ranch Senior Formula.
Favorite Activities: I enjoy eating, sleeping, playing with Frisbees, tennis balls and stuffed toys!
Favorite Place to Sleep: I like to sleep anywhere where it's COOL!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: I am a wonderful, faithful and loving companion. I help my mom on laundry day (when she drops a piece of laundry, I pick it up and bring it to her.)
Story: Hi! My name is Woody! I started out in life named Hubble. My first owners soon discovered that with a 6 year old that I was just too much trouble, so they locked me in their laundry room for hours on end until their 6 year old wanted to play with me. They decided to put me up for adoption. I was lucky because my Aunt Gidget who is also a Golden Retriever (same momma, different poppa) who was living with a wonderful family heard about my dilemma and decided to adopt me. That’s when I really blossomed and even learned how to swim in their beautiful pool (I was petrified of water because I was thrown in too many times by my first family.) My new mom, Linda at the time had 2 other dogs but they have since gone to the Rainbow Bridge so now I have the place to myself and get all the love and attention I can stand! My favorite times of day are breakfast and dinner (I admit, I am a food hound) and just love my FRR senior formula and have lost a lot of weight since I have been on it which makes me alot more agile when running for my Frisbees and tennis balls. I hope you enjoy my story! Thanks for visiting!
Just want to say thank you for providing concerned pet owners with high quality, affordable and convenient food for our beloved pets. It must taste really good because my Golden Retriever LOVES it! Thanks again, Linda and Woody

Staff: Linda Esten
Home: Melbourne, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: April 17, 2013

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