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Zoe at 2 Years

"Nap time!"

Breed: Miniature SchnauzerGender: Female
Favorite Food: She loves to eat apples, green beans and carrots.
Favorite Activities: Zoe's favorite toy is a snake and her favorite way to play is either tug of war, or she loves to be chased around the house.
Story: Zoe is gorgeous, lovable, loyal, very affectionate, friendly, and we feel the same towards her. And has to be wherever we are in the house, and if I just slip out long enough to get the mail she acts as though I have been gone for weeks. She is so happy to see me come back in and when I walk my one grandchild to the bus stop on the corner she jumps all over me once again like I have been gone forever. We just can't imagine life without her now.

And she is a talker...let's me know whatever she wants. If it's water in her dish is empty she tells me. If she wants a treat she tells me....when she wants to nap on our bed (because of it's height she can't jump up) she let's us know. She is so funny!!

And another neat little fact that always brings a smile to my face is my mother-in-law is not a doggy person. And when I first told her that I was getting a dog her comments were, "better you than me".."that's your problem". Well this 80 something mother-in-law of mine absolutely fell in lover with our Zoe. She plays with her, she even feeds her her apples when she come over.

Staff: Jean Comes
Home: Fallston, MD
Date Entered into Gallery: May 2, 2013

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