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Barley at 8 Years (left) and Bozydar at 4 Years

Bozydar at 18 Months

Breed: Polish Owczarek NizinnyGender: Male
Nickname: Bozy
Story: I have been interested in dog nutrition for a long time. I formerly had a Keeshond that lived to 17½ and I am a firm believer that from age 13, a lot of it was due to a change in diet. She began having gastric problems, etc., that vets kept trying to medicate her for and nothing helped. It was obvious that something was wrong and I finally found a vet that used common sense and a combination of therapies (traditional, with holistic when needed). He suggested that I cook for her and I began researching and was appalled to find what was in dog food and that human grade ingredients were not used, and the potential long-term effects.

Two weeks after feeding her myself, with his guidance, her symptoms had abated. We gradually formed a long-term diet and she was healthy until she died, presumably from old age. She outlived her entire litter of six by more than 2 years. So when I got "Bozy" I continued to feed a homemade diet for dinner, supplemented with good dog food for breakfast—I started out with Best In Show. Thanks to Whole Dog Journal's review of dog foods, I was able to find that indeed some dog food companies did use human-grade ingredients. Later I sent for a sample of Flint River Ranch food, gave him a choice, and he liked Flint River Ranch much better. I knew he would simply by the appearance and smell.

I work for PON Rescue and this year took in Barley, and he came with digestive problems and a long term history of it. After about a month on our diet (Flint River Ranch with homemade), he was fine and healthy (he'd been on Alpo for a year). So thank you for this tremendous food—I have passed it along to many friends. One of them, in North Carolina, has done the same and has more friends on Flint River Ranch.
I've had dogs all my life and I've raised them the same (like kids)—many have been intelligent, but none exhibited the character that PONs do. Bozy will pose for photos like nothing I've ever seen. It took me his first year to shape the behavior, but now I could dress him up, give him the signal, and he will freeze for me to reload film or whatever. It's hilarious how he loves the camera.

Breed: Polish Owczarek NizinnyGender: Male

Staff: Teena Murray
Home: Baltimore, MD
Date Entered into Gallery: September 1, 2004

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