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Jazzy at 9 Years

Breed: Boston TerrierGender: Female
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Her intelligence makes up for her size. She has an incredibly large vocabulary; we have to spell a lot around here. She never ever barks... unless you are playing with her! She will sit, lie down, rollover, and shake hands on command. You can whisper stuff and she understands. She has been a real joy in our lives!
Story: She had knee surgery from a stairs accident about 8 years ago. After that, for a few years she would get up from a nap and it would be stiff and it would hurt. We put her on Flint River Ranch Senior PLUS Kibble some years back and she has not had this problem since. She runs around like a puppy.... still! Great dog food! I tell everyone about Flint River.

As you can see, Jazzy loves to model and will stay put for a long time knowing there's a possible snack coming her way. She eats a lot of real organic food that supplements her diet. She is in perfect health!

Staff: Joni Moore
Home: Destin, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: October 2, 2013

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