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Left-to-right: Magic, Caesar, Taz

Caesar at 2 Years

Magic at 2 Years

Taz at 2 Years

Weight: 75 poundsBirthday: March 9, 2003

Weight: 110 poundsBirthday: March 9, 2021
Story: Taz and Caesar are brothers. Their "dog" Mommy lives down the street—they get to see her whenever they want. Their breed is a big mix—German Shepherd and Lab—and Caesar looks like he has some hound dog in Him. Every year we give their "dog" Mommy a Mother's Day Card (smile). My husband and I LOVE ALL of our babies so much—that is why we feed them Flint River Ranch. And there are toys all over our home, inside and out!

Weight: 65 poundsBirthday: October 22, 2003
Story: Miss Magic was a rescue at 9 weeks old. Her breed is also a big mix—Rottweiler, German Shepherd, and Husky. She is so smart, a bit hyper, but extremely sweet and loving. She fit in quickly with all the others.

All six of our babies are spoiled—the way it should be! (smile)
Taz, Caesar, and Magic all LOVE to be outside in our backyard. We live on 1/3 of an acre of land. We have three different areas in our backyard: pool side, yard, and a stoop. We have wild birds, bunnies, squirrels, and raccoons that live on our property. Every morning the Three Amigos (Taz, Caesar, and Magic) help Mom (me) feed everyone and get yummies too.

We also have three beautiful cats. On a later date we will add some of their best pictures! We are so blessed with the babies we have. Everyone gets along famously. The dogs and cats play together, love on each other, clean one another and sleep together.

Staff: The Cooper Family
Home: Murrieta, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: February 13, 2006

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