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Zig at 5 Years

Breed: Border Collie MixGender: Female
Story: Zig is a service dog and she got me out of wheelchair some years ago. She underwent lumbar disc disease 2 years ago (something I've suffered from since early adulthood w/3 back surgeries in need of a 4th but not going that route again), and that was when I had a pause in purchasing from Flint River, trying to make her meals here at home. That was disasterous. Anyway, Zig went to hospital for surgery with me and stayed the 2 weeks pre and post surgery, she was so good and it was hard on her to have to lay there in her bed by me and not get our daily walks and ball routine, she really has been a hero dog. She senses before I would when the episodic attacks of the extreme high blood pressure and heart attacks would come on me and nudge me to get to the bathroom in case I was able to barf. I've heard of dogs that sense seizures coming on and evidently Zig and I have become so close these last 5 or 6 years (can't even remember how old the ole gal is) she picked up on the whole thing. I've heard of dogs suffering from same physical maladies as owners and so when she had her disc problems I worried that she would get sick with "melt downs", which were the episodic heart attacks caused from this very, very rare type of tumor. I pray not as it is a deadly disease if it hits the adrenal glands like it has me. Anyway, she hasn't shown any symptoms. A picture, well I hesitate in doing such things but here is one, she really has helped in actually saving my life over the last 2 years when things got so bad. I praise God in how He has used Zig in helping me and she is still helping me by her needs for exercise

Staff: Karin Richardson
Home: Show Low, AZ
Date Entered into Gallery: November 12, 2013

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