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Left-to-right: Rollie at 13 Years, Molly at 16 Years, Millie at 3 Years, Mitzie at 5 Years, Rascal at 3 Years

We would prefer to take our walk rather than pose...

Breed: Shih TzuWeight: 16 pounds
Gender: Male

Breed: Shih TzuWeight: 14 pounds
Gender: Female

Breed: Shih TzuWeight: 11 pounds
Gender: Female

Breed: Shih TzuWeight: 15 pounds
Gender: Female

Breed: Shih TzuWeight: 18 pounds
Gender: Male
Story: Mention the word "cookie" aka treats, and heads turn and faces smile.

Molly and Rollie (mother and son) prefer to nap most of the day but get up 3 times a day—for our morning walk, for cookies at noon, and for dinner at night.

Millie, Rascal (siblings) and Mitzi(mother) prefer to terrorize one another and vie for attention from us.

They gravitate to children especially, but make friends easily with people and animals. Must be their magnetic personalities. The reason we have so many is that we decided to have a couple of litters "for fun" (it was) and couldn't part with all of them. No more litters, though. There isn't enough room on our king size bed for any more—7 of us is quite enough.

Staff: Don and Arnette Bargabus
Home: Mission Viejo, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: January 8, 2014

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