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This is Moses the first day he came home!

Moses during his first flight

Me and my co-pilot

Monty (left) and Moses

Breed: RottweilerGender: Male
Favorite Activities: Moses loves going everywhere with me! He gets mad when I won't let him drive, though. No way!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran and without Moses, I would be stuck in a wheel chair. But with his help, I have a choice. We signed up together to enter Service Dog Training with Soldier's Best Friend (soldiersbestfriend.org) who specialize in working with Veterans and Military members who suffer from PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Moses and I formally graduated in August 2012.
Story: We were very sad to have lost our previous Rottie, Karl, to cancer. Fortunately, we found a 2 year old Hurricane Katrina rescue at a local shelter. We took our Min Pins to meet him and he came home with us that day. My wife selected the name Moses for him. As the shelter found him wandering around with no collar or tags, we had no history, but found him to be very docile and friendly.

Breed: PugGender: Male
Story: Monty was rescued in September 2011 and came to us at 4 months old. Martha named him Monty, but I call him Mayhem. He gets along great with Moses.
We love Moses and Monty, but we still miss our three previous children terribly. Our last Rottie, Karl, passed away a few years ago and it was very hard on all of us. Then we lost our two Min-Pins, Maggie and Max, in 2011. Maggie was 14 years old and Max lived to be 13 years old.

Staff: Mike Grill
Home: Mesa, AZ
Date Entered into Gallery: January 17, 2014

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