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Bodie at 6 Years

Breed: Alaskan MalamuteWeight: 100 pounds
Gender: Male
Full Name: Bohdi Sapha, which means "Laughing Budda", and it fits him perfectly.
Favorite Activities: Bodie loves to chase dad, and knock him down if possible, romp in the snow, and spook the local muledeer. His favorite toy is any type of squeaky ball, and of course, dad's shirt sleeve. Bodie's best friend is Kallie, a 4 year old Duck Trolling Retriever. Bodie loves to take long walks, followed by a freedom romp in the pasture, followed by a day of naps.

He also likes his quiet time, spending hours surveying his mountain world from any available deck or balcony. He naps anywhere, but at night is mostly found in his Igloo outside. (His record low is -23F.) He keeps his nose tucked under an old blanket, body and tell and legs drawn up into that classic artic curl, and ends up fast asleep. He loves snow, lounging on big floor pillows, and his favorite water dish which is a giant clam shell.
Story: Bodie was rescued from the Laramie, WY, animal shelter in May 2007. He was just 9 months young. His prospects were not good as this region has a history of roaming Mals killing small stock; Mals are viewed as close cousins to wolves and disliked. However, we loved him at first sight, a large pup, gentle and calm and affectionate, and he really wanted to go home with us.

Bodie is a gentle soul, loves people, likes most dogs (avoids those he does not like), enjoys "talking" with people, likes sing-along-woo-woo's, and is amazingly careful with children. He can also be a ham, and when excited he will get into is down-dog play position, suddenly leap up and run around the coffee table, return to his play position, bark, then spin a 360....just in time to repeat the whole sequence several times or until he collapses.

Staff: Kelly Fox
Home: Livermore, CO
Date Entered into Gallery: January 17, 2014

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