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Belka at 18 Months

Sweet Dreams

Breed: Canaan DogGender: Female
Favorite Activities: Her favorite pastime is chasing squirrels and rabbits in the yard. She loves to hang out on the coach at night next to her human family and watch TV, and take long walks during the day with her canine friends, Fred and Ginger.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Her favorite place to sleep in with our daughter, Kanitha.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She is really good at playing dead and rolling over for treats.
Story: We had gotten Belka as a pup from a Russian breeder out east, and they named her after one of the first dogs to be sent into space by the Russians in the 1960's (Belka and Strelka.)

Staff: Sharon A. Sullivan
Home: Arvada, CO
Date Entered into Gallery: January 21, 2014

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