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Cooper at 9 Months (left) and Kodie at 18 Months

Lying Around

Breed: Rhodesian RidgebackGender: Female
Favorite Food: I like apple slices (Dad shares when he's eating them).
Favorite Activities: We are great dogs, and love to run and wrestle together. As much as we like to play, though, we even more keenly like to sleep in while Mom and Dad get ready for work. And we love curling up together on the couch, which is against the rules, but we have amazing powers of persuasion. :) We also like playing off leash anywhere!... hikes, at night at the school soccer fields, at grandma and grandpa's house, at the beach...
Favorite Place to Sleep: We love to share a couch or pillow together, and almost always sneak up on the bed in the middle of the night for extra warmth.
People like to know why our hair grows the "wrong way" on our backs, and we tell them it's because we are lion hunters so the ridge is our way of showing how tough we are! (Yeah right!) Actually, we are very full of love, and once we've given you the "once over" we'll make you a friend for life... just let us sniff you out next time we see you so we'll recognize you!

Breed: Rhodesian RidgebackGender: Male
Birthday: September 9, 2003

Staff: Jill and Mark
Home: Sherwood, OR
Date Entered into Gallery: September 27, 2004

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