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First snow day!
Tugboat at 1 Year

He somehow found the only mud puddle in town!

Breed: NewfoundlandWeight: 115 pounds
Gender: Male
Story: Tugboat is the non-claimable dependent of Ambur and Liz Reese. Tug sometimes thinks he is a cat, like his "big" brother. (Although the cat doesn't so much like laying in mud puddles or swimming, and Tug out-weighs his cat brother by a landslide.)

Tug had a rough go in October when we discovered he had an abdominal obstruction. It turned out to be a piece of corn on the cob he had snatched at a cook out a month prior! About 12 weeks after his surgery, he developed an infection and had to go back under the knife. He had about a 30% change to make it, but has pulled through like the rock-star that he is!

Due to Tug being so young, he hadn't developed his natural bacteria in his stomach prior to his surgery. So after a family member suggested, we put him on the MSE Daily Boost Probiotic Supplement and it has been working great! It has really helped his digestive system, and we were so glad to be able to order through a family business!

Staff: Ambur & Liz Reese
Home: Laurel, MD
Date Entered into Gallery: February 25, 2014

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