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Charlie at 5 Years

Frank at 5 Years

Breed: DachshundWeight: 24 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: They both enjoy Trout and Potato Nugget and Duck. They absolutely love Flint River and so do we!
Favorite Activities: They like to eat Flint River, sleeping and play.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: They love to listen to meditation songs while I work from home!
Both had a difficult start. Frank was an abused rescue and Charlie a pet store pup with many serious, life-threatening health issues.
We are so happy that Flint River has never had a recall, and the food is free from the additives and preservatives other dog foods have. We have tried them all and even did the homemade food for a few months. When we found Flint River, we thought it was too good to be true, but after trying it and reading many testimonials, we are convinced. Because Frank has liver issues from the abuse, we feel confident his food will keep him on the healthy track.

Breed: Dachshund MixWeight: 22 pounds
Gender: Male

Staff: Dora and Ashley Finamore
Home: South Bound Brook, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: May 14, 2015

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