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Lexy at 2 Years

Penny at 3 Years

Spooked by the Camera

At Lister Dog Park

Breed: Shetland SheepdogGender: Female
Favorite Food: She developed a lumpy joint (the vet said arthritis) that made her limp until I started feeding her Flint River. I mix her glucosamine with DryWater and she doesn't even hesitate to sniff it.
Favorite Activities: She is an icon on our street because she loves to race the cars driving along the road. People that pass daily honk at her and have even stopped in to say they wanted to meet our dogs because they see Lexy racing along.
Story: I got her when she was 8 weeks old, after not having a dog for more than 25 years. She and I became soulmates immediately. Sometimes I think she can really read my mind.

Breed: Shetland SheepdogGender: Female
Favorite Activities: Riding in the car.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She is the self-appointed guardian of our driveway, but knows enough to get out of the way when a car drives up.
Story: I adopted Penny from Second Chance for Shelties in St. Louis. She was a little hyper when I got her at one year old, but has relaxed as her sense of security has increased. She never gets sick, never suffers from allergies, and has an iron stomach.

Breed: Border CollieGender: Male
Favorite Food: The people that brought him to me said he wouldn't eat, but he didn't hesitate when I put a bowl of Flint River Kibble in front of him. He also has a lumpy joint and the only thing that can camouflage the taste of the glucosamine is DryWater. When I mix it with that he doesn't even stop to sniff.
Favorite Activities: He loves being around other dogs, and so naturally his favorite activity is going to the dog park.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He is so smart that he recognizes where we are going and sometimes starts barking at the last turnoff to the park, an eighth of a mile away from the dog park.
Story: I originally planned to foster Conner, but fell in love with him and naturally had to keep him. He has an unusually laid back personality for a BC, making me wonder if there might be something else in his background.

Staff: Diane Thomas
Home: St. Louis, MO
Date Entered into Gallery: November 8, 2004

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