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In His "Feeding Chair"
Tucker at 5 Years

Breed: DachshundGender: Male
Story: Tucker was in good health, we thought, until this past Memorial Day. He quite suddenly got sick and started vomiting his food every time he ate. The Friday before Memorial Day he was running a fever and very ill. We got him to an emergency vet specialist group who diagnosed him with megaesophagus. Subsequently, I had him tested for myesthenia gravis and found that this was the underlying cause of his mega-e. Since the end of May, we've gone through a lot of trial and error, trying to determine the diet that will work for him and getting his myesthenia gravis controlled. These dogs have a tough time staying alive. Their esophagus is flabby and dilated and doesn't move food into the stomach. The food just sits there and eventually is regurgitated up. We thought he was vomiting when he became ill, actually he was regurgitating all his food. His food has to be specially prepared and he must be fed upright and kept in an upright position for a while afterwards so that gravity can help the food move down his esophagus into his stomach. The big problems he faces are aspiration pneumonia and starvation. He's been doing pretty well, thankfully.

The Flint River Ranch food seems to agree with him. I have been soaking it in water and mashing it to make a liquefied slurry. I discovered your food through the Yahoo Mega-esophagus on line support group. They have been great. I've learned a lot more from those wonderful people who are dealing with mega-e babies than I have ever gotten from vets. Tucker's feeding chair is actually a 5 gallon bucket that we stuff him into and pad him heavily with towels to keep him comfortable.

Staff: Teresa Torres
Home: Cumming, GA
Date Entered into Gallery: November 26, 2004

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