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Mild Mannered Jacque chillin in his safe space
Jacque at 6 Years

Thinking of Pinto Canyon Chicken & Brown Rice
Jacque at 6 Years

...And they said I couldn't jump high enough to get on the couch. Psh! I can even jump a baby gate.
Jacque at 7 Years

Breed: Australian TerrierWeight: 16 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Sweet Potato and healthy Training treats
Favorite Activities: Sleeping: His favorite place to sleep is in his bed in our bedroom, His bed in Rosalee’s Craft room (his chosen “safe place”), and His bed in TV room as well as his footstool (in front of the big window), and His couch which he shares with us.
Story: Jacque is a rescue from Kansas someplace. He then spent 5 years on a rescue ranch in Texas before coming to Wisconsin where we were lucky enough to get to take care of him.
Jacque is our 4th dog and the most reclusive. The first three were all Miniature Schnauzers (all of which we had from 3 or 4 weeks old until their passing). Jacque has many problems due to his being a rescue but we are (slowly) working on them.

Staff: Dave and Rosalee Carey
Home: WI
Date Entered into Gallery: February 7, 2018

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