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Facts are facts, I'm adorable.

Look in to my eyes, you're getting sleepy, you want to give me all of the treats

Did someone mention dinner? I think we distinctively heard the word dinner
Nutmeg at 1 Year (left) and Murphy at 9 Years

Breed: Golden RetrieverWeight: 64 pounds
Gender: Female

Breed: Australian ShepherdGender: Male
Meet Murphy and Nutmeg. Nutmeg just hit her one year birthday, and has been eating Pinto Canyon Salmon & Sweet Potato her whole life. She is a ball of energy and is the family alarm clock, whether they need it or not. At 64 pounds, she should 2 1/3 cups per day. A bag will last her 25 days.

You can see Murphy growing up here: Puppy Murphy. He's now 9 years young, and still going strong. Someone has to keep Nutmeg in line.

Staff: Ralph Maehler
Home: Painesville, OH
Date Entered into Gallery: May 18, 2018

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