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Here comes double trouble, but they're double the fun!!
Pumpkin (left) and Princess
At 7 Years

Who doesn't like a little HGTV? Watching Fixer Upper on HGTV!

Breed: Cocker Spaniel (American)Weight: 27 pounds
Gender: Male

Breed: Cocker Spaniel (American)Weight: 28 pounds
Gender: Female
Story: "They both love to watch tv, especially if there is a dog on! They can be in the back of the house and hear music of a commercial that has a dog in it and they will come running and barking, unbelievable!"
"My pups love your food. It is my fault that they have become a bit on the heavy side. I used to feed them Blue Buffalo but Princess didn’t like those little black pieces that are in all of their food and would spit them out on the floor for either me or Pumpkin to pick up.

I had been introduced to the Flint River/Pinto Canyon food by a holistic vet and decided to try that to eliminate the problem. I was talking-to my vet when I took the pups for their annual physical and heart worm check about their weight gain. She said that because your food has no fillers, there are a lot of calories per cup and that I had been over feeding them.

I took the empty bag so she could see the calorie count. She recommended that I feed them a 1/2 cup twice a day and add something as a filler so that their tummies would feel a little fuller. After some trial and error, we decided on canned green beans, no salt, to add on top of the dog food. They have really doing pretty with this and clean their bowls every time."

These two cuties have been eating Pinto Canyon Chicken & Brown Rice with their veggie toppers. They save $9.99 per order by getting 2 bags every 60 days! They also have automatic shipments, so there is no muss and no fuss when it comes to their food.

Staff: Steve Neas
Home: Forest, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: July 11, 2018

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