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Did they say "Turn left" or "Turn right", at the big rock by the edge of the grass?
Colby at 11 Years

Breed: BeagleWeight: 30 pounds
Gender: Male
Story: "I have been a customer for many many years. My beloved Bonnie, who passed 3 years ago, was on Flint River Ranch from the beginning, the entire 10 years I had her. The same for Colby and he is now 11. I feed Colby 1/2 cup twice a day. He was getting a little porky at 32 lbs so I cut him back a bit. He is still quite active but just not for as long. :) To be honest, Colby doesn’t ‘love’ the food. I always have to add a teaspoon of something yummy…cheese, chicken…but I keep it to a bare minimum so he doesn’t gain weight. I use your product because of the ingredients and because it has never been recalled. I tried other foods when Flint River stopped producing before Pinto Canyon replaced it but Colby would get runny eyes which immediately stopped when I started Pinto Canyon."
Colby eats Pinto Canyon Chicken & Brown Rice, and a bag lasts him about 60 days, as he also gets some added food treats.

Staff: Arleen Rich
Home: Rockaway, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: July 18, 2018

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