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"Scoot over, I wanna drive!"

"I might find your jokes funny if you had treats in your hand, just sayin'."
Jackson at 3 Years

"You may leave me now as I must nap. Being this cute is exhausting."

"Hey there Friend! Is it time for snacks yet?"

Chief at 13 Years

"Chillin' in the grass, waitin' for my Pinto Canyon! Mmm."
Maverick at 12 Years (left) and Chief at 13 Years

Breed: Australian Cattle DogWeight: 43 pounds
Gender: Male

Breed: Australian Cattle DogWeight: 48 pounds
Gender: Male

Breed: Australian Cattle DogWeight: 50 pounds
Gender: Male
These guys are very active, and healthy pups. They've been eating: Pinto Canyon Lamb & Brown Rice and Pinto Canyon Salmon & Sweet Potato with a small amount of wet food with salmon and veggies and one dollop of pumpkin and Fish Oil capsules

Staff: Paul Howes
Home: Albuquerque, NM
Date Entered into Gallery: September 5, 2018

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