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Puppy Green Eyes
Ansel at 10 Weeks

Posing Handsomely in His Favorite Element
Ansel at 4 Years

A Natural Draft Dog

Breed: Bernese Mountain DogWeight: 75 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Flint River Fish and Chips, cheese, knucklebones, raw pumpkin, and watermelon rinds.
Favorite Activities: Ansel looooves hiking in the woods. Even though he's 9 years old now, he can still run up and down mountains for six straight hours with absolute joy showing in his eyes. He also loves meeting new people.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He prefers the coldest floor he can find, but he stays close to mom, even if it means having to lie on carpet.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He's great at obedience (if there's a treat in it for him), he can bark loudly or quitely on command, and he loves to give the Berner hug.
Story: Ansel's personality is a great combination of sunny and laid-back. He loves his sisters, Elke (Doberman mix, 6 years) and Lola (Husky, 7 years), and he lets them push him around even though he's the biggest. He's never known a day of hardship in his life, and he seems to think that the world is a pretty great place. He eats fish and chips because he has some sort of indeterminate allergy (maybe wheat?) that causes him terrible digestive problems. He's also been losing weight as he gets older. On Flint River food, he hasn't had any stomach problems, he's gained a few pounds, and, his coat is as thick and shiny as it's ever been. Thanks Flint River!

Staff: Alicia Schmitt and Su-hun Seo
Home: Chicago, IL
Date Entered into Gallery: November 28, 2004

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