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Waiting for Santa
Buddy at 2 Years (left) and Josie at 6 Months

"I will sit cute for Toasted Oats!"
Buddy at 2 Years

Puppy Dog Eyes
Buddy at 2 Years

My First Haircut — "It's ME, Josie!"
Josie at 7 Months

Breed: Goldendoodle Variety: Toy/Miniature
Weight: 21 poundsGender: Male
Birthday: March 23, 2016
Favorite Food: Buddy loves to eat Pinto Canyon Chicken & Brown Rice. He eats 1 cup a day; a bag lasts him 60 days.
Favorite Activities: Buddy is a barker. He lets us know if there are deer, ducks or a rabbit in our yard. He is our watchdog. He loves to run. He loves to snuggle. Buddy sleeps by our feet at night.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He took an agility and click to treat class this summer and fall. Buddy was in a walk in the park class on Sundays from April to November. He is a happy dog.
The dogs love to wrestle and play tug by pulling opposite ends of a toy. They enjoy dog play at our trainer's home once a week. Buddy loves running under Josie since she is about 9 inches taller than he is. Josie does not mind.

Breed: Goldendoodle Variety: Miniature
Weight: 31 poundsGender: Female
Birthday: May 1, 2018
Favorite Food: Josie started stealing Buddy's food around Thanksgiving. She now gets some of his food as a topper, but her main meal is puppy food until she's full grown.
Favorite Activities: Josie's favorite activities are playing with Buddy in the house and back yard. She loves to dig, eat leaves, and carry sticks.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She plays fetch well. We are hoping that she will learn to catch a frisbee next spring. She loves Buddy's bed and uses it more than Buddy. She has started to sleep on the floor in our bedroom rather than her x-pen in her own bed. She has taken a puppy class and knows many commands.
We wanted a friend for Buddy after our daughter moved away. They love to play together and are the best of friends!

Staff: Wendy Korte
Home: Farmington Hills, MI
Date Entered into Gallery: September 18, 2018

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