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Please, may I have some more?

Food glorious food, I'm anxious to try it. Three banquets a day. My favorite diet

Variety: Greyhound/Daschund MixWeight: 22 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Ollie likes Pinto Canyon Chicken & Brown Rice. He eats about 1 cup per day and gets some home made chicken to go along with it. YUM! A bag will last Ollie 60 days. Not too shabby
Favorite Activities: playing chase with humans or visiting dogs and fetching tennis balls
Favorite Place to Sleep: Under the blankets in bed with his humans
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He learned how to sneeze on command when he was very young.
Story: Ollie was picked by animal control in Naples, FL where we lived at the time. He was estimated to be about three weeks old. Animal Control called the Naples Humane Society and NHS agreed to take him. I was a foster for NHS and an experienced bottle feeder, so I was contacted about fostering Ollie who was named Solo Mio by NHS because he arrived very young without a mom or siblings. We bottle fed him and loved on him until he was ready to be adopted. My neighbor who adopted him wasn’t able to keep him due to on going health issues, so I agreed to make him part of my family.
Story: Our food arrived this afternoon! I gave Ollie a handful mixed with his current food and he wouldn’t even look up from his bowl. He finished the small amount I had put in his bowl and then walked over to the bag, sniffed it and whimpered, as if to say “more, please!”

Staff: Cyndi Koehler
Home: Spring Hill, TN
Date Entered into Gallery: October 5, 2018

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