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"I can't remember, was it wait 20 minutes after you eat until you swim, or wait 20 minutes after you swim until you eat? Either way... let's eat!"

"Every side is my best side."

"I think it's eat before you swim.... and after. Let's do that!"

"C'mon guys! It's over here!"

"That's not a Kong... This is a Kong!"

"I will run 500 miles, and I will run 500 more... ball ball ball… ball ball ball ball..."

Breed: English BulldogGender: Female
Registered Name: Bedhog’s Bella Luna (beautiful moon in Italian), CGC
Favorite Activities: She is a very smart, hilarious kid who enjoys walks in the woods, lots of fun in the snow, playing chuck-it, walks with her big brother Dar, and socializing with her select group of human and canine pals.
She is aloof with strangers, and will let you know when you can pet her — a "diva" to the extreme. She's my heart girl, and a true warrior who is fearless. As her vet so noted, she's a "real" Bulldog, no watered down bloodlines here, and, definitely, not lazy.
These guys eat Pinto Canyon Chicken & Brown Rice and Pinto Canyon Lamb & Brown Rice They also get some home cookin, so their food lasts a little longer than expected.

They also use Daily Boost Probiotics to keep their immune system bolstered and their gut digestion on track.

Breed: Rhodesian RidgebackGender: Male
Registered Name: Shabani's Dar es Salaam, CGC, CD. He was named after Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is the home of Bongo Flava, a form of hip hop and delicious international cuisine, as well as vistas which are out of this world and a magical place where my husband and I spent much time prior to a Kenyan photo safari many years ago.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Dock Diver "supreme," Certified and Titled, Perimeter and Personal Protection, Tier 2. He is a working dog who is cool, calm, collected, smart and balanced mentally and physically. He chooses who will be in his circle.
He is ripped and athletic.

Staff: Diane deRusso
Home: Cape Elizabeth, ME
Date Entered into Gallery: November 2, 2018

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