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Maddie at 3 Years

Breed: West Highland White Terrier Weight: 19 pounds
Gender: Female
Nickname: the Mad-dog
Favorite Food: Maddie loves her Flint River! She also eats anything that hits the kitchen floor... including carrots, pickles, salsa, etc.
Favorite Activities: Maddie loves to wrestle and play fetch. She also likes to play keep away... where she has the ball!
Favorite Place to Sleep: Maddie loves to sleep on the couch while we are at work.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Maddie absolutely loves all people and all other dogs. She has no concept that some dogs may not like her as much as she likes them. Her special skills... she watches TV! She sits on the couch and WATCHES TV. If there is a dog on the screen and no sound, she will still start barking at the screen. The one thing she doesn't like - water. She doesn't want anything to do with getting wet - whether that be a river or a bath tub.
Maddie is a very sensitive dog that reacts to our moods - happiness, excitement, or sadness. She also is extremely intelligent - sometimes she learns things a little to fast. We have taught her to ring a bell by the door whenever she wants to go outside. It works great... except she figured out she can use it just to go outside and play - versus taking care of business!

Staff: Ryan and Kristina St. Clair
Home: Tucson, AZ
Date Entered into Gallery: December 8, 2004

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