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Taboo at 9 Months

Day One

"We're good girls, really!"
Taboo at 18 Months (left) and Daisy at 1 Year

"Are you home yet?"

Breed: Beagle/Basset Hound/Labrador Retriever MixWeight: 48 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Now it's Flint River Ranch Puppy & Adult Kibble! I've never seen her so excited to have "breakfast" and "dinner." We've tried 3 brands over 8 months, and this surely is a keeper! She's so excited when I ask her if she's hungry.

She loves cheese too!

Favorite Activities: She's just starting classes at a training school, and she wants to play with the other dogs instead of learning! She's got plenty of "friends"- Sam (Schnauzer), Max (Boxer), Chelsea (Black Lab), and Tucker (Yellow Lab).

She also loves sleeping, watching the squirrels outside, and chasing her new sister.

Favorite Place to Sleep: Mommy's bed!
Story: I looked online to find a Basset Hound (or mix) and she came up at my local SPCA. She was just 7 weeks old when she was dropped off with her brother and sister. Her original name was "Janet" (the others were Jack and Chrissy). My mother's name is Janet. I knew that was a sign! We visit the SPCA often, donating supplies and food. We've also kept in touch with her brother and sister. We got her on 4/21/04 at 8 pounds; as of 11/26/04, she was 42 pounds, and as of 11/22/05 she's 48 pounds!

We were featured in our local paper on 8/17/04, where the headline was "Taboo Helps Fill Void in Owner's Life." You see, both of my older brothers passed away very young, and I needed to love and be loved. Taboo is perfect.

Taboo's story in her own words: "Mommy always wanted a basset hound, and I was locally fostered for the SPCA. She found me, named me after a broadway show, and I've been happy ever since. Then DAISY came. I love her too, but she likes to nip at me and she steals everything I have. Sometimes I just want to be left alone with my mommy! I'm the happiest hound around and smart, too!"

Taboo is named after a Broadway show that ran from November, 2003 to February 8, 2004 starring Boy George, and produced by Rosie O'Donnell.

Breed: Basset HoundWeight: 40 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch! She loves everything: ice cubes, pencils, paper, whatever she can get her paws on.
Favorite Activities: Sleeping, watching the squirrels outside, and chasing her new sister.
Favorite Place to Sleep: With her Grandpop.
Story: In her own words: "I was brought into the SPCA as a stray. Then I was in and out of a few homes but they just didn't appreciate me, and I didn't appreciate the last one either. The SPCA called my Mommy (Nicole) to let her know that I was back "in" again, and she came to meet me. Within about an hour, I had a new mom, a sister, and a new home. Within 24 hours I was on medication for pesky worms and felt a lot better to gain a few pounds. I'm doing well, been here for 3 months, and I love my new life. I try to copy everything Taboo does (she doesn't like it), and I'm really, really trying to let everyone know when I have to go outside. My Grandmom gives the best belly rubs."

Staff: Nicole Duane
Home: Richland, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: December 10, 2004

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