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Bosco at 7 Years

Bella at 5 Years

Bosco and Bella Enjoying a Rest

Bella With Her Nine Puppies


Rosie Enjoying the Sunshine

Breed: Scottish TerrierGender: Male
Favorite Activities: He likes sleeping upside down on mom and dad's bed, and riding in the car with his head out the window.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Bosco is king of the forest (our house and yard); he is always on guard against strangers, dogs, cats, birds, little bugs on the ground, etc. The world is his oyster. All people, dogs, and especially kids should come and see him because he wants to kiss and play with them.
Bosco is named after the small, feisty officer, Boscorelli, on the Third Watch.

Breed: Scottish TerrierGender: Female
Favorite Activities: Bella is queen of the forest; she's more feisty than Bosco. She loves to follow Bosco all day, and anything that's new she barks at (vacuum, stuffed animals, etc.), calling Bosco over to investigate with her to make sure everything is safe. She likes playing tug of war with chewy toys, and sleeping with Bosco.

Breed: Scottish TerrierGender: Female

Staff: Doug and Robyn Clark
Date Entered into Gallery: December 10, 2004

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