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Breed: Labrador RetrieverWeight: 115 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Within about 2 weeks after starting Snowbear on the Flint River Ranch Senior Plus, he was a different person. Before Flint River Ranch he was depressed, and obviously in some pain most of the time. His hair was like straw, dry and brittle, and he was shedding profusely. Also, during the winter months he doesn't get bathed as often because he's almost too big to bathe in the house- he was stinking really badly and his breath could drop a mule at 60 paces. NOW, after only the one bag of Flint River Ranch, he shows almost no signs of pain, he has an uplifted spirit about him and a much brighter attitude, smiles a lot and has even started playing again. His hair is soft and silky again, the shedding has diminished remarkably, his odor has gone away and his bad breath is gone. I am truly amazed!! I would never have believed that changing his brand of food would have made SUCH a difference in him.
Favorite Activities: He's at his best pose when I ask him if he wants to go for a "RIDE." When he hears the word "ride" he just goes nutz. His ears go up, his eyebrows rise, and his eyes just dance.
Story: Snowbear found our house in the middle of a sleet storm. Snowbear was about 6 weeks old and looked like a Polar bear.
He is an exceptional person and an "Honarable Gentleman" with a depth of character that far surpasses that of most humans. He is, no doubt, my best friend - next to Sweet Gwendolyn, my bride of 42 years.

Staff: Dale and Gwendolyn McCormick
Home: Red Rock, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: March 15, 2005

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