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Griffin at 10 Weeks

Breed: Bernese Mountain DogGender: Male
Favorite Food: He loves Flint River Ranch Puppy & Adult
Favorite Activities: Griffin enjoys playing in the snow and chewing.
Story: Griffin is 12 weeks old now and we've had him one month. We got him from a very reputable breeder who bred our last two dogs as well. We were informed by the breeder that she now advocates the BARF diet (bones and raw foods) because she felt that commercial dog foods, with all the additives and preservatives, were very bad and not at all healthy. Not feeling comfortable with this information I checked with my vet and was told that the BARF diet was very bad and not at all healthy. I did lots of research and spoke with lots of people who are familiar with that diet and decided to find a healthier alternative. I was directed to the Flint River Ranch website and after comparing Flint River with other brands, decided to try it. When we first brought Griffin home (at 8 weeks old) we had to put him on a transition diet of cooked chicken and rice for a couple of days and then slowly added the Flint River kibble. This was done over a period of two weeks so as not to shock his system. The breeder told us if we switched to any kind of commercial dog food he could start having seizures, but this was not the case. Griffin is healthy, happy, active and growing every day. We also switched our Pug, Zoe, from the food we've used in the past to Flint River. She always got excited at feeding time but now she goes absolutely wild! I even think the food smells better than any other dog food I've come across... probably because everything in it is wholesome and non-artificial.

Staff: Elizabeth Kuppelmeyer
Home: Farmingdale, NY
Date Entered into Gallery: March 22, 2005

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