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Fozzie at 10 Months

Breed: Keeshond/Shetland SheepdogGender: Male
Favorite Food: After 2 weeks on Flint River Ranch food he is hooked! So much so that our treat bag, yes that's right, our TREAT bag, is filled with his food! Sometimes I wonder what is in that stuff because I have used other treats in our training classes and he has started turning his nose up at them! We go out for walks and even when he is off the leash running around he always comes back looking for more Flint River Ranch Fish and Chips!

In our obedience class we were using Dick Van Patten's lamb loaves chopped up into pieces for treats. Last session he seemed to get bored with them so we brought both to last night's session. My wife had the Flint River Ranch and I had the other stuff. Guess who he stuck around with. :) Yes, that's right, he picked his dog food over treats!
Story: We adopted 8 month old Fozzie from our local Humane Society. The Society feeds its dogs Purina Puppy and Dog Chow to most of its residents so when they recommended it I thought nothing of it. After a few feedings on it I decided to start researching nutrition and general dog topics. To my surprise I found many articles regarding the poor ingredients and nutrients in much of the commercial dog food out there and after reading about some of the specific ingredients it made me sick. That day I decided that it was time to switch over to Flint River Ranch.

Staff: Eric and Angela Moreira
Home: Golden Valley, MN
Date Entered into Gallery: April 5, 2005

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