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Sticking Her Tongue out at Mom because Mom Won't Let Her off the Lead
Faith at 9 Years

Enjoying the Beach

Party Girl

Breed: GreyhoundGender: Female
Favorite Activities: Faith is a huge couch potato with a heart of gold.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Faith can make it to the couch in 3 seconds... can you?
Story: Faith is a retired (rescued) ex-racing greyhound. Luckily, Faith now runs for pleasure and not profit.
Faith is enjoying her retirement years in sunny Virginia Beach, Virginia, with her siblings JAG (a Mini-Chihuahua) and TiKi (a Chihuahua with a heart condition), not to mention her feline pals, Skip and Trace. She misses her Greyhound friend Angel Fawn (Jan 15, 1993 - March 19, 2005) who was diagnosed with lymphoma in July 2003.

Staff: Jackie Pizzo
Home: Virginia Beach, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: April 22, 2005

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