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Krystal at 6 Months

Sammy at 18 Months

Breed: Golden Retriever/Chow Chow MixGender: Female
Favorite Food: I love your food. I rescued a stray who was a finicky eater, but luckily your food was palatable to my current puppy and my newly adopted dog so now feeding them is a joy instead of a chore. Thank You!!!!!
Favorite Activities: Krystal loves going to the lake and chasing sea gulls!

Breed: Miniature SchnauzerGender: Male
Favorite Activities: Playing with his sister, Krystal, and digging holes in the sand at the lake.
Story: Sammy was a rescued dog who was in very poor health when he adopted us as his owners, but just two months later on the lamb, millet, and rice variety he is doing fantastic.

Staff: John and Mariam Toney
Home: Killeen, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: May 11, 2005

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