7. Rick and Reeca Divel Print         
Bogey (left) and Sabrina
At 1 Year

Sami at 4 Years (left) and Spooky at 2 Years

Breed: Yorkshire TerrierWeight: 5 pounds
Gender: Male

Breed: Yorkshire TerrierWeight: 3 pounds
Gender: Female

Breed: Siamese
Story: Sami and Spooky both weigh twice what the Yorkies tally. They pretty much have the run of our home and have learned to get around without touching the floor as the Yorkies love to chase them. They all get along great and are very amusing to watch.

Breed: Domestic Shorthair Cat

Staff: Rick and Reeca Divel
Home: San Clemente, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: May 1, 2002

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