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A Relaxing Moment with Her College-bound Sister
Lady at 11 Years

"Even at Christmas with 20 people in the house, I am the center of attention."

Breed: Golden RetrieverGender: Female
Favorite Food: My older Golden Retriever is eating dog food! After 11 years of "people food," it was tough going getting her on dog food after she developed diabetes. But thanks to you guys, she needs no encouragement to eat her food. She has never liked any dry dog food with as much regularity as yours. She has lost 25 pounds, is fitter than she has been in years, and I am getting her diabetes under control with her insulin and your food.
Favorite Activities: "Guarding the Property" by lying near the glass French doors and observing her "enemies" (i.e., chipmunks, rabbits, and the neighbor's dogs [who are devoted to her] and all the associated wildlife that enter our yard as a result of living in the middle of the Allegheny National Forest); dragging her "babies" (tube socks tied together) wherever she goes; and, most of all, walking with her Dad, her favorite thing in the world to do.
Story: Lady was 10 when she was diagnosed with diabetes. She was almost 20 pounds overweight when we cut back on the people food and I researched the Internet and found Flint River Ranch. With the exercise and proper diet, she is back to her proper weight. It has really helped too, since she has a bit of trouble with arthritis setting in.

Staff: Jeffrey Krieg
Home: Ridgway, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: May 13, 2005

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