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Cooling Off after a Long Parade in Gilbert, AZ
Seamus at 3 Years

Breed: West Highland White Terrier Gender: Male
Favorite Food: I'm still figuring out his favorite foods. We just started with Flint River and so far so good. I'm going to be placing my second order soon. The sample pack was a hit.
Favorite Activities: His favorite activity is playing fetch with his god - the tennis ball.
Favorite Place to Sleep: His favorite place to sleep is on the softest and highest place he can get too (on a blanket, on a pillow... on the couch).
Special Skills or Responsibilities: And his most unique skill(?)... he gets too involved with the TV. He truly does watch it. He knows commercials that have animals on them and goes crazy, he hates bowling and pool, and makes it hard to watch anything in peace!
Story: When I went to pick him out I wanted a female and had to be talked into getting a male... he's been the best!
About the picture: it was the Annual Gilbert Daze Doo-Dah Parade. Our dog trainer got a bunch of us to go and march in it. In the street median there was a watering hole for the dogs... the big dogs drank from the toilet and the little ones from a bowl right under it. Seamy didn't appreciate the hot weather (It was October and still 100 degrees) so when we went to get a drink he pushed a Rotti out of the way and jumped in the bowl to cool off. He made one of the local papers too!

Staff: Ann O'Donnell
Home: Lombard, IL
Date Entered into Gallery: June 22, 2005

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