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Libby at 2 Years

Gracie at 3 Years

Breed: GreyhoundGender: Female

Breed: GreyhoundGender: Female
Story: I adopted Libby and Gracie through a wonderful organization in Colorado, "Friends of Retired Greyhounds." Libby is the white one and is 2½ yrs old, and Gracie is a brindle and is 3½ yrs old.

They get along very well and love to run together. To watch a Greyhound run is a sight to behold. They are built like no other! Along with their grace and speed they are precious pets that love to be loved. I would recommend adopting a Greyhound to anyone who has lots of extra love and attention to give—the rewards are unending.

Staff: Sarah Holm
Home: Boulder, CO
Date Entered into Gallery: December 30, 2002

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