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With His "Other" Mama
Max at 8 Years

Breed: RagdollWeight: 13 pounds
Gender: Male
Nickname: Beastie
Favorite Food: Max loves his Flint River Ranch and would eat more tuna if he could.
Favorite Activities: He likes to "play soccer" with a marble or kitty-ball and sit in his kitty hammock, watching squirrels and nature's other creatures. One of his favorite things is to go out on his "supervised" walks around our complex.
Favorite Place to Sleep: After "checking-in" with "the Mama" (me) and getting and giving adequate amounts of loving, he'll end up seeking to share my pillow for sleep or he retreats to the foot of the bed for slumber.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: His skills include effective communication as he "tells" me where he is when I'm looking for him, when he's having a difficult time with his elimination process, when it's time to play and go for a walk, not to mention telling me all about his day when I get home :). He'll also walk on a leash and come when called, not so common for a cat.
Story: I found Max at the local Humane Society. Though I thought I was looking for a polydactile Tabby, once I asked to take this "fluffball" out of his cage, and he came straight over and climbed all the way up my chest till he could butt his face against my nose, I knew he was for me. He's been the love of my life since then. What a companion he is to me. He's my cuddle-bug, puddle-duck, etc. Can you tell I'm smitten? :)
He loves "the Mama" and consistently showers me with his affection, via kisses, "kneading," and head-butting.

Staff: Nancie Broman
Home: San Carlos, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: July 16, 2005

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