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Vickie at 3 Years

Breed: Wire Fox TerrierGender: Female
Full Name: Queen Victoria Ann
Favorite Food: Her favorite food is anything and everything - she will eat plaster if given the opportunity. She also loves Flint River Ranch mixed with some crushed garlic and hot water, which makes a nice tasty gravy.
Favorite Activities: Her favorite activity is chasing water from the hose or sprinklers.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Her main responsibility, which she performs constantly, is to make me laugh and look very cute.
Story: Vickie, aka Queen Victoria Ann, is a little clown, a Wirehaired Fox Terrier I found through a woman who rescues this breed. She was three and a half years old in these photos when I first brought her home and is now very healthy at six and a half years old, due to her Flint River Ranch diet and lots of love from me.
Being cute helps her get away with lots of things.

Staff: Karen Leitch
Home: Bakersfield, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: July 27, 2005

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