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Dontè at 1 Year

Breed: American Pit Bull TerrierWeight: 50 pounds
Gender: MaleBirthday: August 2, 2003
Favorite Food: His favorite food was IAM's, but I have a feeling when he tries Flint River Ranch for the first time, it will be his favorite.
Favorite Activities: Playing with his toys, dogs, and people; sleeping; eating; swimming at the beach; going for walks; sitting outside and watching everything.
Favorite Place to Sleep: In my bed.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Dontè can do sit, stay, come here, roll over, play dead, fetch, stand up, give paw, and give kisses.
Story: I got Dontè (previously named Jigga) from a guy who lived in a bad neighborhood. He wasn't able to keep the dog since his landlord would not allow medium or large dogs. He was selling Dontè, who was ten months old, in the paper for $100. I've always loved pit bulls. They're great companions and, if raised correctly, very obedient and friendly. As soon as I pulled up to his apartment, I could tell that Dontè was going to be the right dog for me. I played with him for a little while and decided that he was perfect.

Through the next couple of weeks, I had to break him of some bad habits that his previous owner did not bother to rectify. I don't think he spent a lot of time with Dontè or even bothered to train him. Eventually, Dontè was house broken and well trained. His previous owner never took him to the vet. I brought him down, got all of his shots, and decided that for health reasons, it would be best to have him neutered.

Dontè is very affectionate, and loves most people. He's the same way with dogs, very playful, but he meets those few dogs that he doesn't get along with. His best friend is my roommate's Pomeranian, named Cricket. She's three years old. He's a great-acting and beautiful-looking dog. I love him like he's my child. Of course, that leads to a little bit of spoiling.

Staff: Dave Waszmer
Home: Fort Myers, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: August 20, 2005

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