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A Real Beauty with Those Long Eyelashes!
Jessie at 2 Months

Winter in New Hampshire

What a Life!

Breed: Golden RetrieverWeight: 80 pounds
Gender: FemaleBirthday: March 6, 2001
Favorite Food: Jessie just started Flint River Ranch food a week ago—she absolutely loves it. I never realized that she just didn't care for her California Natural diet. I thought Jessie was just a slow, picky eater. Not any more!

Jessie's other favorite foods are an occasional raw veggie or fruit of any kind, and ice cubes, especially if they come out of someone's drink.
Favorite Activities: Jessie's all time favorite TV channel is Animal Planet. Besides watching TV and hanging out on the couch, Jessie pretty much just enjoys being anywhere her family is. She is an extremely affectionate, gentle, and loving young lady who has free roam of the house.

During the day, Jessie looks forward to taking long walks through the field—right now she is loving lots of deep snow to romp in!

Jessie will always engage in a game of fetch as long as you fetch with her, which usually means we all benefit from a great workout! Once the warmer weather is here, she will quickly rediscover the pond which supplies her with an endless amount of exploring fun as she reacquaints herself with the ducks, frogs, and pond life—and of course there's always lots of mud!
Favorite Place to Sleep: At night she shares a queen sized bed with 17-year-old Matt, watches videos, and catches an occasional nibble of a nacho chip, or any other snack food that is left unguarded.

Staff: Laurie and Rod Daily
Home: Derry, NH
Date Entered into Gallery: January 21, 2003

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