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By the Water, November 2003
Iris at 1 Year

Spotting a Swan, Summer 2004
Iris at 2 Years

Almost Three Years Old, Lounging with Her Kitty Friend, Mim, in 2005

Breed: BoxerGender: Female
Nickname: Birdle
Favorite Food: The usual suspects, i.e., meat, meat, meat, bread, cheese, pizza crust, Flint River Ranch's Trout and Potato, etc.
Favorite Activities: Going for walks, car rides, and boat rides. She likes to cuddle as well. Oh yeah... and bark at the neighbor.
Favorite Place to Sleep: During the day, on the couch (with her head propped up so she can look out the window). But at night, in my bed... under the covers.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She's so sweet and funny, but also the ultimate protector. (If she would just learn to differentiate between scary threatening looming men with axes, and little old ladies using walkers, we'd be in business). She's got more personality than most people I know.
Story: After my first boxer passed away, I VOWED not to get another dog, because I was so crushed by the loss. Then, after a few months in 2002, I found myself searching through Petfinder.com, (you know, because I DIDN'T want another dog). I saw the description, set up an appointment and fell in love with one little peanut. Now she's a big little peanut. She's the best.
Weight: 91.6 pounds (I know, I know... I was so shocked that I weighed her twice at the vets).

Staff: Laura E. Siri
Home: Fenton, MI
Date Entered into Gallery: September 19, 2005

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