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Breed: PugGender: Male
Favorite Activities: Max loves to play fetch. He loves to tease his playmates by keeping the ball or toy and having the playmate try to catch him and take it away. The first thing he does every morning, even as a puppy, is to grab some sort of toy, sock, or ball and play.
Story: After living in San Francisco for over 30 years, my husband and I bought our first house and decided to get a pet before we ventured into having a family. I previously had cats but my husband preferred a dog. We were unsure of what breed we wanted. We knew we were eventually going to have a family and heard pugs were awesome with children. We drove from San Francisco to Turlock to visit a breeder with fresh pug pups. She only had one left in the litter and it was a boy. He was the smallest of the litter and when I held him he bit my fingers and was just so stinking cute we had to have him. That is where our pug adventure began.
Max is a constant follower. I cannot go anywhere in my home at anytime without Max following me. He wants to be next to me at all times. My husband insists this is because I was the first to hold him and let him bite my finger. I honestly think it's just because I feed him. :-)

Max is an amazing dog. We have a daughter, age 3 1/2, and she can torture him by taking his food, pulling on him, and even trying to ride him.

Staff: Trina Compton
Home: Castro Valley, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: October 3, 2005

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