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Lexie at 4 Years (left) and Romeo at 5 Years

Breed: PugGender: Female
Favorite Food: Since switching them from conventional food, Lexie's allergies (foot licking and skin rash) are subsiding. They both seem to love the Flint River Ranch Trout and Potato food, which my wife and I mix with either some plain yogurt or a sunny-side up egg. However they really love the carrot flavored Nylabones. I can't order them fast enough.
Favorite Activities: They love to be petted and walked and to play tug. They also LOVE to eat and be cuddled and pampered.
Favorite Place to Sleep: As our human babies are grown, our adopted babies still want to be close to Mom and Dad, so they usually sleep on our bed at night.
Story: My son originally rescued Lexie about two years ago when he was in the Army at Fort Knox, Kentucky. After my son was discharged he came to Florida, and Lexie adopted me (David).

Breed: PugGender: Male
Story: After my son came to Florida he rescued Romeo from Central Florida Pug rescue. We were told he was found in a junkyard, tied out, with no food and no water, and an early case of heartworms. He recieved the treatments and now seems to be doing OK. He's also partially blind, but has learned his way around the house and is really a sweet little guy. After my son's living arrangements changed, he gave Romeo to my wife and me.

Staff: David and Rachel Mears
Home: Orlando, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: October 17, 2005

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